Point Pickup: A Flexible Package Delivery Gig for Drivers


Are you at the point where you can’t deal with one more nasty passenger or stingy delivery customer? You don’t have to rub a lamp with a genie in it so your wish to avoid them can come true. Thanks to a different kind of delivery company, you can get an abundance of flexibility, a break from the people problems you encounter with food delivery and rideshare, and ways to make plenty of money, too. 

Point Pickup is a same-day delivery service that serves retail stores of all kinds. The packages are made totally ready at a retail location, such as Walmart, and then you pick them up for delivery!

If that sounds too good to be true, you need to read more. In this post, we’ll tell you what Point Pickup is all about and how you can get in on a deal that will take away your woes! We’ll answer questions like these:

What is Point Pickup?

Point Pickup is a same day service that delivers packages from retail stores and other locations to customers. The lion’s share of orders come from Walmart, which includes groceries. So, like Instacart or Shipt, you may be called upon to do shopping from time to time. However, you’re not stuck doing that because with Point Pickup, you have all kinds of choices, and you can tailor the deliveries to fit your qualifications and preferences.

Headquartered in Connecticut, Point Pickup has extensive operations in New York and New England. As of this writing it has a presence in all 50 states. You’ll need to check the app to see if delivering for Point Pickup is a possibility where you live.

Point Pickup offers opportunities to all kinds of drivers. You might be looking for a part-time delivery gig, be a full-time independent contractor, or a licensed trucker. You can even use a bike, scooter, or motorcycle to deliver in many locations. In every case, Point Pickup will help you find ways to make money delivering goods with far less hassle.

How does driving for Point Pickup compare to rideshare and food delivery?

Flexibility is the standout feature that makes Point Pickup very different from rideshare gigs and other delivery apps. You choose the deliveries you want to make. No need to drive around hoping to get a ping. You don’t have to set a schedule block, either. Simply check with the app to see what deliveries are available, and select your jobs in advance. You can deliver one order or several, based on your schedule and the demand for your delivery services. 

Here’s what that looks like in the Point Pickup app.

Flexibility is only one of the advantages Point Pickup offers. Here are some more:

  • customizable driver profile for your licenses (HIPAA, TSA, CDL) and vehicles
  • ability to accept multiple, pre-routed, and recurring orders
  • option to set up your own driving times and driving zones
  • benefit from favorite driver and rating qualifiers based on your performance
  • easily interface Point Pickup with GPS apps
  • transaction history recorded
  • auto pay/direct deposit on a daily basis

You can also elect to take batch orders. The app shows you how:

You’ll notice, with the exception of grocery shopping and delivery, that you won’t need to interact with passengers, or be left waiting for a backed-up kitchen to get your delivery prepared and packaged. The packages you deliver will be there waiting for you, all ready to go.

How does Point Pickup work?

Point Pickup’s app will take the information you give it, (e.g., any licenses you hold, vehicle type(s), available hours, etc.) and match you with potential delivery jobs. You choose whether you want to accept each assignment, so you’re not tied to any specific set of hours or obligated to take on every delivery the app sends your way. Drivers are paid for each package they deliver.

You get to set your preferences, and the app only sends you deliveries that fit within the parameters you specify. Here’s what the package preferences screen looks like:

As you can see, you can customize your options to fit your capabilities. If you opt to deliver takeout food, customers are encouraged to ensure that the restaurant knows there is a time when you will be making the pickup.

In addition to licenses, vehicles, and package specifications, you can filter delivery requests by your schedule. Enter your available times, and you will choose from only those orders that come up during those periods.

Customers specify the location of the pickup and the dropoff. Point Pickup charges customers directly, and they do have the opportunity to tip you in the app. Drivers retain 100% of any tips they receive.

When you see available orders, the app will tell you how far you’ll need to drive and how much you’ll be paid for each pickup and delivery. You can use your discretion when it comes to accepting or not. Once you do accept an order, though, you’ll be expected to carry out your side of the deal. You will be paid directly into the bank account you specified at signup and can withdraw your earnings daily. Point Pickup uses Stripe to pay its drivers.

What are Point Pickup’s driver requirements?

Another nice thing about becoming a Point Pickup driver is you don’t have to have a special vehicle or a commercial license to qualify. You might, though, want to consider getting an endorsement to your private auto insurance policy that covers your vehicle when it’s being used for commercial purposes. See this Gridwise blog post for more information on insurance and how important it is to be fully covered.

Here is all you need in order to become a Point Pickup driver:

  • at least 18 years of age
  • a valid driver’s license
  • a Social Security number
  • the ability to pass a background check

You can learn even more about what it takes to be a Point Pickup delivery driver on the Point Pickup website.

How do you apply to be a Point Pickup driver?

Point Pickup makes signing up to drive for them easy. Your first step is to download the Point Pickup driver app. From there, simply follow the prompts as they pop up on your screen. Here are a few samples that show what the process looks like:

Like every other app, you’ll give them the information they request, and then wait a few days for the background check to come through. Once it does, you’ll be all set to enjoy the flexibility of earning extra cash with Point Pickup!

What if your background check doesn’t clear? This does happen from time to time with all driving and delivery apps. You can always appeal to the background check company, as they do make mistakes. However, if the reason for your failure to pass the check is valid, you might need to look for work elsewhere.

As long as you know you can pass a background check without a problem, you’re going to find the signup process for Point Pickup to be a breeze. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to see some money blowing your way.

What does Point Pickup driver pay look like? 

While some sources claim Point Pickup pay isn’t all that great, Gridwise data paint a much brighter picture. Our anonymized information from real drivers tells us that the average hourly pay for Point Pickup drivers is $24.00! That’s very impressive. The average monthly pay, however, is just $236, which speaks to the part-time nature of Point Pickup work. The pay is broken down as follows: 45% base pay, 23% tips, and 32% bonuses.

How does Point Pickup pay work? Drivers are paid per package for the deliveries they make. The amount paid per package depends on its size and the distance to delivery. Drivers can also keep 100% of any tips they may receive. There’s a referral program that’ll score you $20.00 for each person you refer, provided they meet Point Pickup’s requirements.

Most reviewers and drivers will tell you that while Point Pickup is a less stressful gig than others, it’s more useful as a side hustle than as a mainstay. You can always do some Point Pickup work when you just need a break or want to supplement income you make from other sources. You can also make it part of your multi-apping repertoire. If that’s exactly you’re looking for, Point Pickup could be a great gig for you. 

A must have for Point Pickup drivers: Gridwise

Whether you decide to drive for Point Pickup, use it as part of your multi-apping strategy, or choose to stay with the company you’ve been with for years, you’ll make more money with far less frustration when you ride with Gridwise! Track earnings and mileage for free while keeping all your info in one place for tax time. See in this article how much using Gridwise can simplify your tax preparation process.

Gridwise supports rideshare and delivery drivers by providing everything from driving information to driver discounts and benefits for independent contractors. When you drive for an app such as Point Pickup, you’ll appreciate the extra help Gridwise gives you. Informative features can even help you earn bigger tips and generally maximize the amount of money you make with Point Pickup. Here are some of the benefits Gridwise gives you:

  • mileage tracking: Gridwise seamlessly tracks all the miles you drive while you’re on your gig, not just the ones from the pickup point to the delivery destination.
  • earnings tracking: Gauge your hourly earnings by letting Gridwise automatically record what you’re being paid by the Point Pickup app and any others you use.
  • strategic insight: When there’s not a lot of business out there, it pays to know when and where to find what is available. When to Drive and Where to Drive from Gridwise give you the ability to see what other drivers are making, and which locations and times are “hottest” for your favorite driving apps.
  • useful information: Gridwise offers you up-to-the-minute reports on events in your area and other factors that might influence traffic. There are also weather alerts that keep you in the know about what it’s going to be like out on the road.
  • driver-oriented support: As an independent contractor, you need to find ways to get affordable insurance, roadside assistance, healthcare, tax help, discounts on auto repairs, and more. Gridwise has a suite of products designed for drivers and their many needs. Check them out on the Gridwise Benefits webpage.

When you have an effective driving strategy, plus inexpensive ways to take care of your “real life” needs, you make more money.

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