Rideshare and Delivery Drivers Earn More By Being Neighbors


Oh, MAN! Those prices at the pump are chewing away at drivers’ earnings more and more each day. While there’s still money to be made with your driving gig, it’s hard for everybody to keep total earnings at maximum levels. Still, the fact you’re not the only one falling short of cash doesn’t change the fact that you have to make ends meet.

With high gas prices and inflation making the basic cost of living much higher than it was, it’s harder than ever to break even. When we ask, How much do delivery drivers make? or How much do rideshare drivers make? there’s an easy answer. Right now, we all need ways to make more!

There are lots of side gigs for rideshare and delivery drivers, but many of them don’t make sense because they cost more money and take more time than they’re worth. Who needs to invest in equipment or spend hours every day working on a website geared at attracting referrals and ads?

You need to find a side hustle that’s not a huge hassle, and in this blog post we’ll tell you about a gig that’s perfect for drivers. And you won’t have to buy more gas, invest extra money or time, or do any additional driving. If that sounds too good to be true, hang on. We’re going to prove that it’s really possible, right here in this blog post. Here’s how it’ll go:

  • Neighbor: the Airbnb of storage
  • Why Neighbor works for drivers
  • How Neighbor pays
  • Getting started with Neighbor

Neighbor: the Airbnb of storage

You’ve heard of renting out a living space to people who want to stay for a few days, and people do make money doing that. Good for them. But for drivers, it can be a tremendous pain to deal with the cleaning up, setting up, and schedule rearranging it takes to do that.

We bet you haven’t heard, at least not yet, about a new way to get people to pay you to rent your extra space without having them kick you out of your house every other weekend or becoming a landlord. It’s exciting, can be fun, and definitely will be profitable.

Thanks to a great new company called Neighbor, you won’t have to give strangers access to your living area or vacate it while they’re using it. You can still make money renting your extra space but with far less hassle and many more possibilities. They’re  called Neighbor because, in most cases, the people who rent space from you will be from your local area.

Not all of us have a spare apartment or house, but have you got a shed, an extra parking spot, or room for storage in your basement or garage? How about a carport, attic, or empty lot? 

If you let your Neighbor store their Boat or RV in your side yard, you make money each month AND everyone thinks you own a boat. Double win. 

People need more local rental space, so they can

  • pay up to 50% less than traditional storage and parking options for RVs, boats, and cars
  • keep belongings safe while they’re waiting for construction or renovation to be completed
  • have a safe place to keep their treasures if they’ve been evacuated due to a natural disaster
  • have a place to keep wedding gifts, baby gear, and the like while they wait for their next home to be available
  • find a place to store out–of-season clothing, sporting equipment, and other items
  • Help the environment by recycling existing space

You can probably imagine even more reasons why Neighbor is such a great option for customers. Now, start to visualize what space you’ve got available so that you can begin collecting extra cash just for letting people park their stuff with you.

With Neighbor, you can turn your extra square footage into a real income boost. Not only will you be making more money, you’ll make someone’s life easier, simply by renting them some small portion of your extra square footage.

Why Neighbor works for drivers

Being a gig driver takes up a lot of time, especially now that we have to work so hard to optimize every mile we travel. Surely you’ve read Uber driver tips to earn more. There are bonuses and incentives to take more rides and deliveries, refer new drivers, and go out during rush hour and other high-traffic times of day. And of course, you’ll need to use a free mileage tracker app like Gridwise to make sure you’re taking advantage of tax deductions, now more than ever before. 

Making money with Neighbor is way easier, and you can do it while you’re driving. You won’t have a worry in the world when it comes to dealing with people, lease agreements, billing, or insurance. Neighbor has got you covered!

  • Neighbor takes care of all the administrative work.
  • Neighbor gives you $1,000,000 of insurance coverage at no charge.
  • Neighbor offers the support of a super responsive customer service team.

If you have any kind of spare space, whether it’s in your home or elsewhere, you can monetize it now with Neighbor. That means that while you’re out driving, you collect rent without doing anything. It’s a “set & forget” model

Neighbor is perfect for drivers because it offers

  • passive income with almost no effort
  • a way to make money that doesn’t involve using gasoline
  • the ability to rent as many spaces as desired
  • opportunities to make life easier for people in need

Now that we know why it pays for drivers to become “Neighbors,” let’s see how Neighbor goes about getting you paid.

How Neighbor pays

Whether you’re willing to be a good neighbor by storing a box or two in the bottom of your closet, hanging someone’s bike on the bare wall in your mudroom, or letting a car fetishist park his antique Aston Martin in the spare stall of your garage, Neighbor is your way to get paid.

Much like the rideshare and delivery apps you’re so accustomed to using, Neighbor links your 

bank account to the app so you’ll be all set up for payments. Neighbor’s “take,” the amount they collect for each transaction, is a $4.9% processing fee. They also charge $0.30 for every reservation made.

So if you rent that spot in your garage to the dude with the Aston Martin for $200 per month, Neighbor will take $9.80, plus the reservation fee of $0.30, for a total of $10.10. That leaves you with a sweet $189.90 a month, just for letting someone fill up space you weren’t using anyway!

It’s also great to know that you won’t have to do any of the “admin” when it comes to billing the actual customer, or collecting money for your space. When you get your request, the customer will have already paid for the first rental period. After that, Neighbor does the billing and Neighbor will pay you even if the renter fails to fork over the rental fee. That’s all thanks to the Neighbor Payment Protection Plan.

Smaller spaces, of course, will garner smaller payouts, but any money you can make, with that little effort, is going to go far toward helping you cope with rising costs. And it’s also very cool that you’ll be coming to the aid of someone by giving them an economical way to meet their storage needs.

Getting started with Neighbor

As you know by now, Neighbor runs on an app, just like the platforms you use for gig driving. It’s even easier to get started with Neighbor than it is to figure out how to become a rideshare driver or how to become a delivery driver. You simply decide what space you want to rent out, get it all ready, and list it on the Neighbor app. Signing up is totally free!

When you get a request to rent, you can decide whether or not to approve it. You also get to set the date and time for “move-in.” Neighbor promises hosts that they

  • get to set the price for renting their space
  • can opt to accept or reject rental offers
  • determine when and how renters can gain access to their item

As you can see, Neighbor is truly a great way to create a stream of passive income with almost no effort at all! You can make money and still be free to go out and do your rideshare or delivery duties. And when you sign up with Neighbor, you’ll be able to afford the gas it takes to keep your driving gig going. You’ll also have plenty of spare cash, and time, to fill up your non-working hours with the things you love to do.

Neighbor is the answer to every rideshare and delivery driver’s plea for a safe, easy, convenient, and fast way to create passive income. Don’t wait! 

Start making money as a Neighbor Host today! 


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