How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make Per Delivery?


Delivering for Uber Eats can be rewarding, but you have to make the most of each and every delivery. To do that, it’s wise to know how much Uber Eats drivers can expect to earn for each order they pick up and drop off for their customers. So How much do Uber Eats drivers make? 

Here, we tell you how much Uber Eats drivers make per delivery and provide real data from actual Gridwise drivers. Here’s what you’ll discover:

Here's what we cover:

Base pay ranges for Uber Eats

Route4Me gives a 2022 figure of $9.37 per request but notes that it’s difficult to nail down the average pay per delivery for Uber Eats. This is due to the way Uber Eats pay is calculated, as well as differences owing to geographic location. You can get some insight by taking a look at earnings per day. In different regions, pickup and drop-off rates vary, and so do the prices people pay for restaurant foods. 

According to The Courier Network, Uber Eats’ app base pay calculations are derived from the following factors: 

  • Picking up the order
  • Dropping off the order
  • The distance you must drive
  • The estimated time it will take to execute the delivery
  • Trip supplements for large orders, the need to shop, or demand for deliveries

The range for base pay can be anywhere from $0.50 to upwards of $10.00, depending on these factors. This base pay data from Gridwise drivers shows the average “before tips” figure per delivery.

How much Uber Eats drivers make per delivery

There is more than just base pay that goes into an Uber Eats delivery. Tips are a large part of driver earnings; plus surge pricing and boosts can add on the per delivery earnings. The Uber website provides a breakdown and explains the components of Uber Eats driver pay. Gridwise also has data that tell you how much Uber Eats drivers make overall.

While we can speculate how much drivers make per delivery, based on these and other factors, Gridwise has true and accurate data from actual drivers that will give you a much clearer picture. Here is what Gridwise data tells us drivers are making per delivery.

You’ll also want to consider Uber Eats earnings per hour.

Tips for making the most out of each delivery

Making the most money per day as possible while driving for Uber Eats is easy, if you create a strategy that works for you. Heer are some tips:

Use When to Drive from Gridwise. Don’t waste time driving around waiting for pings on your Uber Eats app. Get deeper and more personalized insight about Uber Eats deliveries in your area.  

Switch services when business is slow. Be flexible. When Uber Eats is slow, you can work with other apps. Multi-apping is sure to keep your cash flow going, and keep your cash flow going.

Strive to get more tips. Tips are a big part of Uber Eats driver earnings, and you need to put in the effort to earn them. This Gridwise blog post offers ideas for getting bigger tips on every delivery you make.

Track and record deductible expenses. Track your miles and record your expenses with Gridwise, and you’ll keep more of your money at tax time. The Uber Eats app doesn’t cover every deductible mile, but Gridwise will do that for you—automatically! Download the Gridwise app and avoid overpaying when tax time comes around.

It just takes a little research to discover-how to be a good delivery driver. Start by finding out how much, on average, Uber drivers can make. If you use extra strategy and skills, you could make $1000 a week delivering for Uber Eats.

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