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How much do Shipt shoppers make?


Want to know how much Shipt shoppers are making? In this article, we leverage insights from our network of more than 250k rideshare and delivery drivers to understand how much Shipt shoppers are making arcross the country.

Shipt may not be the first delivery company that pops into your mind, but it’s one of the biggest and it’s growing. There’s plenty to like about working for Shipt, and in this article, we’ll tell you all about it and share with you the bottom line, namely… how Shipt shopper earnings shape up.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The ABCs of working for Shipt
  • How much do Shipt shoppers make?
  • Trends for Shipt earnings in 2021
  • The costs Shipt shoppers need to know about

The ABCs of working for Shipt

Shipt shoppers are full-service shoppers and delivery drivers. They get the order through the app, go to the store to select the customer’s items, and make the purchase with their prepaid Shipt card. They then load the items in their vehicles and drive to their ultimate destination to make the delivery.

You might already know that Shipt is a wholly owned subsidiary of Target. But even though Target sends a lot of Shipt shoppers on delivery runs, it’s not the only company Shipt services. Big-name stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Costco, and others also use Shipt shoppers to get their customers’ orders into the right hands.

That means there’s a lot of business to be had when you work for Shipt. But before you run out to start your first shift, you’ll need to know how to qualify.

According to the Shipt website, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid mailing address
  • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license and auto insurance
  • Own a reliable vehicle that’s a 1997 model or newer
  • Knowledge of produce selection
  • Pass a comprehensive background check
  • Own an iPhone (iOS 10 or newer) or Android (5.1 or newer) smartphone
  • Be able to lift 40 pounds

You saw the part about knowing how to choose good produce, right? Shipt prides itself on being able to curate the best fruits and vegetables available so its customers will be satisfied with what they get in their orders. 

In addition, Shipt shoppers may be asked to add to an order, or just run for one or two items. One of the things Shipt tells customers is that when it comes to the company’s service, no order is too small. You’ll need to keep this in mind if you go to work for Shipt. Even with the need to be extra attentive to customers, though, there are rewards. A look at the earnings data will show you what we mean.

How much do Shipt shoppers make?

According to Gridwise data, Shipt shoppers do very well. Like all delivery services, the earnings per hour peaked at the beginning of the pandemic, but they’re still going strong. The average earnings per hour in April 2021, for instance, was more than $19 per hour. 

Let’s also look at the important metric of earnings per trip. This is definitely a number you’ll want to know about, because it shows that all the work of being an expert produce picker and ace Shipt shopper really pays off.

While earnings aren’t quite as high as they were during the height of hoarding in March 2020, earnings per trip remain very respectable, remaining at over $15 per hour.

You can also view how much Shipt shoppers are making using the table below

MonthEarnings per tripEarnings per hour

Trends for Shipt Shoppers in 2021

While we might have expected delivery companies such as Shipt to expand and continue to grow throughout the pandemic, what we didn’t expect is how persistent the success of these companies has been. As you can see from the Gridwise data, the world has become quite used to delivery, and people show few or no signs of going back to the way things were before.

This is a good sign for all delivery drivers, especially Shipt shoppers. As Shipt continues to expand to serve additional stores, there will be growing opportunities to earn. And, while people don’t seem to be hoarding as much as during the pandemic, they are still keenly aware of the importance of having their refrigerators, freezers, and cabinets stocked – especially since so many are still working and studying from home.

The convenience of having everything from groceries and nonprescription drugs to cleaning supplies and bulk packs of snacks delivered to their doors is likely to keep pushing the numbers of delivery-loving consumers in an upward direction.

The costs Shipt shoppers need to know about

While all this news about Shipt shopper earnings is encouraging, we can’t leave you thinking you’ll get to keep it all. As with every driving gig, there are costs that you need to take into account to get a full idea of what you’ll be taking home.

Your biggest expense, most likely, will be your car. You’ll have to cover all the costs, including paying for it and maintaining it, as well as the costs of insurance and registration.

If you want to rent or lease a car, be aware that there are restrictions that may not allow you to use a rental vehicle to shop for Shipt. There are special arrangements that you can make with certain companies to get a rental. You will have to do a lot of shopping and driving to make it worth your while, but it’s possible.

Here’s a list of car-related expenses with some more detail about how it might affect you and your earnings.

Extra insurance
You might need to get commercial insurance for your vehicle when you shop for Shipt. Using your car in this way takes it to a new level of use beyond the “personal” level of wear and tear your insurance company is normally covering with a minimal policy. 

If you’re thinking “They’ll never find out, so why bother?” think again. It’s an enormous risk to have your insurance company discover you were using the vehicle for delivery without telling them. They have every right to refuse your claim in such a case, even if you have a mishap while driving for personal reasons.

Learn all about the importance of having the right insurance in this Griwise blog post. Shop around for the best policy for you, and if you get confused, you can always use a good insurance broker.

You don’t have to drive for a living to know how much fuel can cost, but when you do, it gets to be even more important. Prices fluctuate, so there’s no way to come up with one number when you’re calculating your fuel costs. You can use Gridwise to enter your fuel purchases, though, and let the app keep track of how much you’re actually spending.

Another way to account for your fuel costs is to use the IRS standard deduction, which is $0.56 per mile in 2021. You’ll still need to track how many miles you put in, so make sure to keep Gridwise online and tracking whenever you’re on a Shipt shift.

Your vehicle will decline in value the moment you drive it brand-new off the lot. When you drive for a living, it will continue to depreciate at a rate that is reflective of how many miles you put in while delivering.  

If you want to know the current value of your car, check out the Kelley Blue Book website. It has a feature that tells you how much extra your vehicle might depreciate when you’re using it for delivery driving.                                     

Maintenance and repairs
If you don’t have your vehicle up and running, you can’t work. That means taking good care of your car is no longer something you can afford to neglect. Keep a solid maintenance program together and make sure that parts and systems are in working order.                          

Check your car owner’s manual to determine your maintenance schedule, and stick to it. Find a good mechanic who will be honest enough to help you avoid unneeded and expensive repairs, but straightforward enough to let you know when you need to make an investment in your car’s future.

Check this Gridwise post to learn about the maintenance items you should do for yourself between visits to the shop. If you’re the kind of plan-ahead person you should be when you drive for a living, use the advice on the Edmunds website to find out how much you’ll need to set aside for repairs and maintenance. It will also help with figuring out the depreciation number you’ll want to use at tax time.


Yes, we mentioned that dreaded word. Taxes are a substantial expense, and all gig drivers have to be prepared to pay them. Most tax accountants will tell you that paying estimated taxes on a quarterly basis is a good way to do it. That way, you’re not stuck with a huge bill when tax day comes.

The forms you’ll need to do this are available on the IRS website, but you might want to consider calling in a CPA or another tax advisor for professional advice. Yes, it’s not cheap, but compared to what you might wind up paying if you make a mistake and get charged penalties and interest, it can be a bargain.

Shipt shoppers love Gridwise!

It’s true. Driving for Shipt can be a really great way to make a living, and knowing more about your earning patterns and expense levels is going to make it even better. That’s why Shipt shoppers love Gridwise.

Just sync your Shipt app to Gridwise and watch the magic happen. The app seamlessly records your earnings and mileage, and you enter your expenses as you rack them up. Then … these information-packed graphs customized with your driving data will appear before your eyes.

The Perks tab offers quick access to our blog and the Gridwise YouTube Channel, and also turns you on to great deals and discounts for drivers. Traffic and weather information will make your delivery shifts go smoothly, too. Join us on Facebook to tell us all about your Shipt shopping life, and share in our vast community of drivers from across all the platforms.

You can also leave your comments about Shipt, or anything else you think drivers would want to know in the comments below.

But… before you go anywhere – download the Gridwise app to get all these good things and more.


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