6 Delivery Companies For Bicycle Delivery Jobs 


Food delivery can be a convenient, easy, and profitable way to earn money—but what if you don’t have a car? You can still stay in the game. Tons of delivery workers are mounting delivery bicycles and e-bikes to reap the rewards of these savory gigs! Bicycle delivery jobs have a lot to offer. They give you an environmentally friendly way to maneuver through densely populated cities, allow you to park in a snap, and exercise—while you make money. You avoid the responsibilities and expenses that come with owning and insuring a car, and best of all, you’ll never have to worry about the price of gas!

If you live in a place where bicycle delivery is practical, as it is in most major cities, you can work with a wide variety of apps.

Here's what we cover:

Uber Eats

Big-city customers love Uber Eats. With a 23% share of the delivery market, this service has plenty of work for bicycle riders. Download the Uber Driver app or use the website to apply, and. indicate that you will be delivering by bicycle.

If you’re at least 18 years old, can produce a government ID, and pass a background check, you’ll be able to start delivering just a few days after submitting your application. Are you already an Uber driver? Be sure to note that you’ll be using your bicycle for food delivery. Orders for car drivers could involve more distance than anyone would want to cover on a bike! 

One big advantage of working with a huge company like Uber is the quality of the driver app. It’s flexible and easy to use. You can choose to accept shop and pay orders as well as deliver food, simply by selecting your preferences in the app.

Source: Uber Driver App


As the most popular food delivery service by far, DoorDash commands 67% of the food delivery market. Because the app is so widely used, DoorDash often has more delivery people than they need in certain areas. Some cities can have a waitlist, but it usually isn’t all that long. Most delivery people agree that DoorDash’s popularity makes it easy to earn with the app.

The company refers to its delivery people as Dashers, and it’s fairly simple to qualify to become one. Prove that you’re at least 18, upload a photo of a government-issued ID, and submit to a background screening. You can start delivering as soon as DoorDash notifies you that your application has been approved.

Bicycle food delivery is an option in most large cities. Check the map on the Dasher app to make sure it’s possible to deliver by bicycle where you live. Be selective about the orders you accept, though! DoorDash makes an effort to issue only those orders that can be easily transported by bicycle delivery people, but mistakes can be made. Without the proper gear, carrying a huge pizza or hot beverages could present a problem.

DoorDash offers discounts on e-bikes in some locations. You can receive price breaks to rent or buy one of your own. Riding an e-bike could increase your delivery range, allow you to dash for longer time periods, and boost your earnings. You and DoorDash win when you deliver on an e-bike.


Shopping for groceries and delivering them can be rewarding, but with a bike, there are limitations. Specialized equipment is needed that would allow your bike to transport large and heavy items, which is likely to be more costly than it’s worth. 

Instacart’s requirements for shoppers clearly state that you will need a car, and they do not officially allow delivery by non-motorized bike. If you were to try, you’d have to stick to smaller orders that can be handled on a pedal bike, and that can’t be easy! In 2022, Instacart stated they were open to allowing people to shop and deliver on e-bikes, but to this date, Instacart requirements stipulate the need for a car. The one exception is in New York City, where it is possible to deliver for Instacart on foot.

Another way for people without a car to create an Instacart side hustle is to work as an in-store shopper. Go to a partner store, receive orders on your phone, and choose the items needed to complete the orders, preparing them for delivery by a driver.

Source: shoppers.instacart.com


Bicycle delivery is a way of life for Grubhub gig workers in large urban areas. Prepared food is Grubhub’s specialty, and although the company only holds an 8% share of the delivery market these days, it’s still hanging in there. Cities such as Chicago and New York are Grubhub’s biggest fans, and let’s face it, they are really big markets.

The Grubhub bicycle delivery gig is a good bet in those two cities and is available in other select areas, as well. If your city’s market allows bicycle delivery, it will pop up in the app when you sign up. Grubhub is more likely to be looking for drivers than other prepared food delivery platforms, most notably, DoorDash.

Meet Grubhub requirements by being 18 or older, except in Las Vegas, where you must be 21. Provide your social security number, have a checking account available for direct deposit, and own a current model smartphone. Grubhub might not be the biggest player in the food delivery game, but if you live in the right area, it could be one of the best bicycle delivery jobs. 

Source: driver-support.grubhub.com


You don’t need a car to drive for Gopuff. This company operates by procuring convenience items for customers in their hub stores. Delivery people pick up the orders and deliver them, often without a car. Many Gopuff delivery people use electric or gas-motorized bikes, and, in some densely populated areas, you can use a regular bicycle. 

Gopuff is a very popular service for people who want to have snack foods, drinks, and alcohol delivered to them. You must be at least 21 to deliver for Gopuff, and in many areas, pass an alcohol delivery course, which is prepaid by the company. You’ll also need to present a driver’s license or state issued ID and clear their background check.

Popularity is a good thing for a delivery company, but it also might cause delays in your application. Gopuff limits the number of delivery people they use in a given area so there will be enough work to go around—also a good policy for a company to have. If you live in an urban area, and don’t mind a possible wait to be onboarded, Gopuff could be a very good fit for you.

Source: App Store


You’ve got to love a grocery delivery company that provides you with an e-bike and a smartphone to use for your gig. Getir is committed to making this job into more than a simple side hustle. Getir requires delivery people to commit 20–28 hours per week for part-time work, and 36–40 for full-time employment.

In addition to use of an e-bike and a company phone, riders receive a guaranteed wage per hour and some benefits. Team spirit is so big with Getir, it’s listed as a requirement as well as being 18 or older, able to work in the US, experienced riding an e-bike, and willing to represent the company’s values in the community.

Fast deliveries—completed in as few as ten minutes—separate Getir from most other grocery delivery platforms. While this is a desirable feature for customers, it can be stressful, and even dangerous, for delivery people. Know before you sign up with Getir that you’ll have to move fast

If riding around town and against the clock isn’t for you, you could work in a Getir store, selecting and packing goods to fill customers’ orders. The only traveling you’d need to do is to the store and back home. You’ll have to be speedy at picking and packing those items since the company is known for its efficiency, which will set you up for success.

Source: App store

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