Carbon Health virtual care — a real lifesaver

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Drivers work hard, and even with our flexible schedules, there’s not always enough time for all the things we need to do. Taking care of ourselves can fall between the cracks as we work to rack up the drives and deliveries that keep our gig businesses going.

But self-care is more important than anything we do. If we’re not healthy, physically and mentally, we won’t be able to take care of our families and customers to the best of our abilities.  Especially now, drivers need a healthcare solution that keeps up with our busy, unpredictable schedules. 

That’s where Carbon Health comes in. 

Get seamless, affordable care

Virtual care from Carbon Health is the perfect healthcare solution for drivers. It’s fast, convenient, and affordable. There’s no membership fee, and Carbon Health works with most insurance plans. 

Carbon Health serves drivers’ unique needs in key ways:

  • Convenient scheduling: You can book a same-day appointment up to 15 minutes before you start a virtual visit — in case you need to reschedule because of a last-minute ride or delivery request.
  • Affordable access: For virtual visits, Carbon Health accepts most insurance in California. Carbon Health virtual care is also available in 23 other states, and out-of-pocket fees are only $69 if you are not insured. 
  • Immediate attention: You can speak to a provider in a matter of minutes, in most cases.
  • Help guaranteed: If the provider can’t help you virtually, or needs to refer you to a physical location for an in-person visit, you won’t be charged.

How Carbon Health virtual care works

All you need to get started is your ID, your smartphone, and your insurance information (if you have insurance). Then visit or download the Carbon Health app

Select “Book An Appointment” on the website, or open the app and tap the green “Get Care” button. You can choose from the following options:

  • Primary Care: Care for your day-to-day health, with no membership fees!
  • Urgent Care: Immediate attention for injuries, infections, and other unexpected medical issues.
  • Mental Health: Video-based therapy for common mental health concerns like anxiety and depression.

Before your appointment, the healthcare provider will review your registration information. If they determine that you need care beyond what can be achieved in a virtual visit, someone from Carbon Health will reach out immediately and suggest another course of action.

At your appointment time, you’ll get a call from the provider through the Carbon Health app. The provider will confirm your registration information and ask some questions. Then they will create a plan for your care and send it to you through the app. The plan will provide: 

  • A summary of what you discussed.
  • Next steps for care or treatment.
  • Relevant educational materials, if applicable.
  • A link for booking any in-person appointments you may need.
  • Prescriptions, which can be filled through the app, by the pharmacy of your choice. You can also have your meds delivered to your home.

Once your appointment is complete, you’ll be able to access everything you need through your Carbon Health account. You’ll have all your health records in one place, including the care plan, prescriptions, referrals, lab results, X-rays, and charts.

Your provider will reach out a few days after your appointment to see how you’re doing. Of course, you can contact the provider before that if you have further questions or concerns.

It’s that simple — healthcare that meets you where you are. 

Are you ready to experience world-class health care that’s as convenient as using your phone or home computer? Book a virtual visit with Carbon Health today!

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