Case Study: Rapid Testing to Engage and Convert Active Rideshare Drivers

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Clay and Ryan were there every step of the way to help us think through changes and strategy… love having account managers that are actually experts!


This is an incredibly valuable tool that helps rideshare drivers earn more tip income and higher ratings while giving advertisers an opportunity to engage a captive audience.

Play Octopus is the industry leader in rideshare entertainment and advertising. They improve the rideshare experience for both riders and drivers by providing tablets that feature original games, prizes, informative content, and interactive video advertisements.


“We want drivers, but we also want the most active drivers” – Nicki Martinez

Play Octopus provides a great way for drivers to earn extra income by simply placing a free tablet in their vehicle, so it’s incredibly valuable for any driver. But the drivers that get the most out of Play Octopus are the most active drivers. “We would love every driver to be using Play Octopus, but the most active drivers that are putting in the most miles and getting in front of the most passengers is the best fit for Octopus” said Nicki Martinez, Director of Driver Growth  at Play Octopus.

The team at Play Octopus had been leveraging word of mouth marketing along with Facebook advertising to attract drivers, but were also looking for the most active drivers. “We’ve been leveraging other platforms like Facebook and word of mouth has been great, but we were looking for a better way to target drivers that were working 40+ hours a week.” said Nicki.

So when Nicki came across Gridwise, a platform tailor made for the most active rideshare drivers, she didn’t hesitate to reach out.


Our blog content campaign had a 44% on page CTR. The content was instrumental in our new market launch.

When you work with Gridwise, you don’t just get access to an ad platform, you gain access to a team of digital marketers that are experts in engaging rideshare drivers that are dedicated to ensuring your campaigns success. 

So after gaining an understanding of Play Octopus’s product and needs, the Gridwise team worked the Play Octopus to develop a multichannel marketing campaign designed to engage and nurture active rideshare drivers.

Play Octopus’s campaign kicked off with in-app banner ads, Card ads, and ads included at the bottom of each email that were immediately A/B tested. Play Octopus and Gridwise’s account management team then worked to rigourselly a/b test the ads to achieve a 22% CTR increase in less than 30 days.

Shortly after Play Octopus’s in-app ads launched, Gridwise developed a dedicated blog post written by our in house creative content team that featured an interview with a Play Octopus driver. This blog post was emailed to over 50,000 rideshare drivers across the United States and saw a 44% click through rate and was a key component of their market launch strategy.

“The blog post was AMAZING for our launch. We saw a huge spike in signups the day that campaign launched.” says Nicki.


22% CTR increase in first 30 days

44% CTR on blog post

Play Octopus immediately felt the benefits of working with a team experienced in engaging rideshare drivers. “Working with Gridwise wasn’t like working another ad platform. Their account management team really went above and beyond to help us drive success.” said Nicki. “We can’t wait to use Gridwise for our next market launch!”.

Their campaign included:

  • Blog post
  • Traffic sprint
  • In app ad

“What really stood out with Gridwise was the level of service and expertise they provided.” says Nicki. “They didn’t just turn an ad on and leave us to our own devices, they helped us continuously drive better and better results.

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