Cirkul: Drivers Earn Extra Income From a Free Water Bottle

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Rideshare drivers are a HOT commodity in 2019.

The rideshare companies want us, and now more and more companies are desperate to get their products in the hands and cars of rideshare drivers so they can reach the captive audience that’s sitting in the back of our rides.

And what do we say to companies that want to get in front of OUR captive audience?

Well, there’s a new and unique player in the market called Cirkul that wants to pay drivers and give us a free water bottle to simply show it off to passengers.

What is Cirkul?

Cirkul is a water flavoring system that consists of a reusable bottle and flavor cartridges called Sips. 

Cirkul helps people add flavor to their water without the hassle of things like Mio or Crystal Light by using these sips to flavor the water directly.

There are a variety of Sips flavor options for users that are sugar free and have no calories or artificial colors. Users also have complete control over how much is added with each drink from the bottle thanks to the adjustable dial. 

A single flavor cartridge will last for about 132 ounces (the Cirkul bottle is approximately 22 ounces), which is about the same as about six 20-ounce beverages.

How much can drivers make with Cirkul?

Alright, let’s cut right to the chase here.

With Cirkul, rideshare drivers make money based on every person they refer to Cirkul. So if a passenger sees the Cirkul water bottle in your car, asks you about it, and then signs up with your referral code, you get credit for that referral.

Each referral you get will net you $10.

How much does Cirkul cost?

Cirkul is FREE for rideshare drivers that opt into their selling program.

That means you get a free water bottle with cartridges, and you’ll also receive 4 new cartridges for every 5 referrals you get.

So there is no investment at all on the side of rideshare drivers.

Where is the Cirkul Rideshare Driver Program Available?

Cirkul is currently working with rideshare drivers in Pittsburgh and Dallas, but they’re expanding this program quickly!

How can drivers sign up for Cirkul?

Signing up for Cirkul is cake.

All you need to do is head over to their sign up page and enter your contact information. Make sure your address is correct as that is where Cirkul will send your Cirkul kit in about 7 – 10 business days.

Your Cirkul Driver Kit will include a free water bottle and promotional materials that you can keep in your car like this flyer below:

Factors for success?

How well you do with Cirkul depends on a few key factors, mainly, how much you drive and how many passengers see your water bottle

DON’T be pushy

First and foremost, don’t be pushy about selling Cirkul. 

Passengers don’t take rides to be sold to, and you’ll likely just end up with a bad rating and no Cirkul referral earnings. Instead, make sure that you set up the signage in your vehicle that Cirkul provides, bring the water bottle with you when you’re out on the road and drink from it. 

Passengers will see the signage, see your water bottle, and naturally ask you about it. From there you can tell them how great Cirkul is, and you’re off!

Drink Cirkul Yourself

The best way to maximize your earnings with Cirkul is to be prepared to talk about Cirkul when passengers ask about it, and the best way to learn about Cirkul is to drink it yourself!

You should be able to talk about what your favorite flavor is, how to set up the water bottle, how to clean the water bottle, and any other common questions.

Drive, Drive, Drive

Last but not least, you need to DRIVE! Drivers that maximize their earnings with Cirkul are generally the ones that are getting in front of the most passengers. So the more you work, the more revenue you should be making with Cirkul.

Our take on Cirkul

We’re pretty selective about the offers that we share with our audience, so when Cirkul came across my desk, I was skeptical.

But after learning more about the program and trying the water bottle myself, I was convinced that this was a REAL money-making opportunity for drivers.

We even did a video review of Cirkul that you can find below:

You can sign up with this link, and if they are not in the area just put your name on the waitlist and you’ll be notified once the program launches in your market.

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