Gridwise protection

Income protection and sick leave for rideshare and delivery drivers.

Gridwise Protection replaces 80% of your lost income when you can’t work due to hospitalization, temporary account deactivations, or post-collision repairs.

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What is Gridwise Income Protection?

With Gridwise Income Protection, rideshare and delivery drivers can receive up to 80% of their earnings when you can’t drive due to collision, deactivation, or hospitalization.

Collision repairs

Gridwise Protection replaces 80% of your lost income while your vehicle is being repaired due to a collision.


Gridwise Protection replaces 80% of your lost income when you’re hospitalized due to an unforeseeable event.


Gridwise Protection replaces 80% of your lost income when you’re temporarily suspended by a gig-working app.

Why do drivers need to protect their income?


of drivers report being falsely deactivated at one point or another


of drivers say they don’t have cash on hand to pay their bills if they couldn’t work

Don’t get stuck without income to pay your bills when you get deactivated. Sign up for Gridwise Protection today!

How does Gridwise Income Protection work?

1. Get your free quote
Let us know your monthly income and decide how many days you’d like to be covered so we can create your free quote.
2. Gain peace of mind
Sign up for Gridwise Protection for free for 7 days and immediately gain peace of mind knowing your income is secure.
3. Collect your money when you need it

When you need money due to false deactivation, hospitalization, or a collision, file a claim and receive your money fast.

Gridwise Income Protection is available for rideshare and delivery drivers across almost every major service

Amazon Flex
service more

Stay physically and emotionally healthy

Sick leave
Borrow from your future self interest-free to cover expenses when you are sick.
24/7 telehealth support

Health professionals on 24/7 standby on the phone to take care of you and your family.

Legal help when you need it
Free legal consultation when you need one and legal defense letter when you are unfairly deactivated from the platform.

Manage all of your benefits using a simple dashboard

A browser window showing the Gridwise Protection dashboard with different sections describing the coverage for accidents, sick leave, hospitalization, and deactivation.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a driver or delivery person, you’re constantly on the go, many times working for multiple platforms. Accidents, hospitalization, and deactivation can happen, often through no fault of your own. With Gridwise Protection, you can protect yourself from unforeseen expenses and loss of regular income while accessing a suite of benefits made for just for you.
Currently, the plan protects your income if you get into an accident, are hospitalized, or are deactivated through a platform. Note that the plan does not cover medical expenses or car repair costs; it just covers your income.
Gridwise Protection still provides benefits and income protection no matter who is at fault.
Unfortunately, Gridwise Protection cannot back-pay. The incident has to happen after the activation date to be viewed as an eligible request.
Gridwise Protection will always protect you. No matter if you are working or not.

Ready to start protecting your income? Get Gridwise Protection today.