Renting a car for rideshare: what drivers should know about car rentals

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So you want to drive rideshare. That’s great! You’ve probably seen what a great part- and full-time gig driving for platforms like Lyft and Uber can be, offering flexibility and outstanding opportunities to earn on your own terms. But there’s one problem … 

You don’t have a car. 

Not to worry! There are several options available for rideshare drivers who don’t own a vehicle. And even if you do, it might still be smart for you to consider renting a separate vehicle for your business, which helps you cut down on depreciation and maintenance costs. 

If you’ve never worked as a rideshare driver before, renting a car for a few weeks is a great way to get a feel for it. That will allow you to see if it’s a good fit for you, and whether you’ll make money in your area

Why would I consider renting a car? 

Going the rental route makes a lot of financial sense for some drivers. Here are some reasons you might consider renting a car for your rideshare business:

  • It requires little to no investment to get started compared with purchasing a vehicle;
  • It’s a safe bet when you are unsure about the viability of rideshare in your city;
  • You can get access to a vehicle even if you don’t have stellar credit;
  • You can switch vehicles easily and frequently to pick the one that works best for you (if you wanted to drive XL for an event weekend, for example);
  • You don’t want to worry about basic repairs, maintenance, depreciation, and insurance costs.

How do I rent a car for rideshare? 

Drivers can rent directly from Uber and Lyft through their approved programs. Even though Uber and Lyft have rental programs, the vehicles are still supplied by rental company partners. 

Uber partners with Avis, Hertz, KINTO Share, Getaround, and Zipcar. All the information you need about these partners and Uber’s rental program can be found on this page.

Lyft, as part of its Express Drive rental program, has two car rental partners: Flexdrive and Hertz. All the information you need about this program can be found here

It’s important to note that driving an unapproved rental vehicle may result in removal from the platform, so make sure you’re getting your car from the right place. 

The process to rent a car from Uber or Lyft is pretty simple:

  1. Sign up as a driver and pass background checks (where applicable);
  2. Select a vehicle;
  3. Make a reservation;
  4. Confirm the order by making a payment;
  5. Collect your car;
  6. Renew your rental or return the car.

There is one drawback to renting through Uber and Lyft: You’re not allowed to use these cars for ridesharing on competing platforms. As Lyft explains: “You can’t use Express Drive rentals through Hertz for any other ‘for-hire’ services.”

Rental cars from either of these programs can be used for personal reasons, but there are some restrictions. Check with your company to get the specifics.

What are the requirements for renting a car?

To rent a car through Uber or Lyft, you must first sign up as a driver, meeting all their respective driver eligibility requirements. 

On top of that, you will have different rental conditions and prices based on the vehicle provider you choose. The plans, prices, and rental conditions are set and managed by these vehicle providers even though you’re renting a car through Uber or Lyft.

Rental payments typically cover rideshare miles, basic maintenance, and insurance. Any expenses above that will be paid by you.

With Uber, rentals for drivers start at $260/week before taxes, while Lyft rental plans start at $209/week.

These are the provider-specific details about car rental: 


  • Driver must be at least 25 years old
  • No security deposit required to rent a car
  • Rental prices range from $150 – $295 per week


  • Driver must be at least 21 years old (additional fees may apply for drivers under 25) 
  • $200 refundable security deposit
  • Rental prices range from $150 – $235 per week


  • Driver must be at least 21 years old
  • No security deposit required to rent a car
  • Rental prices range from $215 – $250 per week
  • Both weekly and hourly rentals are available


  • Peer-to-peer car rental service
  • Driver must be at least 19 years old
  • Weekly and hourly rentals available
  • Rental prices start at $4/hour


  • Driver must be at least 25 years old
  • Rental prices start at $209/week
  • Weekly rentals
  • Vehicles rented through Flexdrive don’t come with any Lyft ride requirements — you can use the vehicle as needed as long as you’re making rental payments. 

GridWise Rental by HyreCar

HyreCar is a popular peer-to-peer vehicle marketplace for renting cars from individual owners. Gridwise has partnered with HyreCar to let you save on vehicle costs and keep more of what you earn. 

It’s a flexible platform that allows you to rent a car for as little as two days or multiple months. Rental plans are also equally flexible since individual car owners set their own prices.

Cars rented through HyreCar can be used on any rideshare or delivery platform as long as the vehicle meets the eligibility criteria.

Whether you rent or own, always drive with Gridwise

The Gridwise driver app helps you minimize costs and maximize your earnings. With custom airport, event, and hotspot alerts, our app tells you when and where to drive to keep the rides coming. 

The app also helps you to track your mileage and other expenses, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in tax deductions.

Not quite enough? Gridwise users also enjoy access to our collaborative community and a number of exclusive driver perks. 

Download the app today and see why thousands of drivers have partnered with Gridwise to get the most from their rideshare business.

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