Rideshare drivers: Stop giving your passengers free water and treats (do this instead)

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Every 3 or 4 Uber rides I take I find a driver with his car decked out like this:

I’ve seen a few that looked like this:

And this guy:

I get it. These drivers are just trying to make sure they have as high of a rating as possible and maybe even pull in some tips.

I understand their thought process, but for just a minute put yourselves in the shoes of a passenger and think about how much you would really care about these extra treats:

It’s Tuesday morning and you’ve already had one of those days. You woke up nearly 30-minutes late because your phone charger decided it wasn’t going to work that night and that your phone was better off dead.

So you end up rushing to get ready for an 8:00 am meeting that your boss sprung on you at the last minute, but your oh so reliable roommate forgot to pick up the dry cleaning like he promised.


So looks like you’ll be stuck trotting around the office all day in pants you haven’t washed in three wears and your dingiest white shirt.

Now, would you rather a have driver that:

  1. Arrives in a car equipped with no extra phone chargers and somehow finds every traffic jam in the city making you even later, and putting the final nail in your career coffin… but they offer you water and a mint!


  1. Arrives in a clean car, offers you a charger for your phone and finds the best route to get you where you are going quickly… and no treats.

Which one are you tipping?

Still not convinced? Well, we asked 1,000 rideshare passengers if they ever take water or snacks from drivers when offered and almost 75% of them said no.

Tips and 5 Star ratings come from customer interactions

To be clear, we’re not saying that rideshare drivers should never offer their passengers treats, but you shouldn’t be paying for those treats out of your own pocket (more on that later) and you shouldn’t expect treats to be the only driver behind your tips and 5-star ratings.

The thing to remember is that people give tips because of the driver and their vehicle, not just because of the treats that they give you.

This simply means that you need to be sure to have positive interactions with your passengers.

You can start with the first interaction. Instead of just asking them if they are the correct passenger, ask them if they are in a rush as well. If they are, see if you can find a safe route to get them to their destination more quickly.

But let’s be real for a second. 95% of the time you’re not going to be able to make a huge difference in how quickly you drop off a passenger, but passengers will appreciate that you put forth the effort.

Remember that your passenger’s first, second, and third goal is to get where they’re going safely and quickly (in that order).

A driver that is familiar with traffic patterns and alternative routes that can help passengers arrive at their destination faster is much more valuable than a bottle of water.

Depending on who’s in your car, let your passengers know about interesting concerts, festivals, parties, or other events that are happening in your city. For tourists, simply letting them know where the must-go places in the city are is invaluable information and creates another positive interaction.

Oh, but do you know how to guarantee a positive interaction with your passengers?

Offer them a phone charger.

People are serious about not letting their phones die.

Nothing is worse than being caught with your battery at 2% when you need a ride or need to call someone, so take advantage of this opportunity to create a positive interaction.

Use Cargo To Give Away Treats (For Free!)

Again, we’re not saying that giving away treats to passengers is horrible, you just shouldn’t spend YOUR hard-earned money on those treats. Instead, consider using Cargo, which is essentially an in-car vending machine that drivers can use 100% for free.

Drivers can use this link to simply apply to be a driver with Cargo and receive your free Cargo box. In no time you’ll receive your free Cargo box that you can install in your vehicle and passengers can purchase items or receive free items through your box.

Best of all, you NEVER have to worry about inventory. Cargo will handle refilling inventory at absolutely no charge to you.

Image result for cargo uber

By focusing on positive interactions while letting Cargo take care of the candy and treats, you’ll be better positioned to maximize your tip income and ratings!

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