Sweet Side Hustles: Companies That “Ad” Value to Your Ride

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Want to Make More Money?

Who doesn’t, right? Well as a rideshare driver, you have more opportunities than you might realize to generate income just by driving your vehicle around … because your vehicle is valuable to advertisers. 

There are several reasons why advertisers covet your vehicle, and the fact that everybody sees it tops the list. You drive through busy city streets, across bridges and through tunnels, past big events, schools, and hospitals. Plus, you take people with you, or you deliver food and other items to their doors. 

Companies would love to have the chance to get their logos, graphics, and taglines in the public eye for even half the time your ride is visible on any given day. So, these companies have come up with what they view as a win-win situation. They get exposure by using your vehicle to carry their ads, and you get a sweet deal because they’ll pay you for the privilege.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best ad-carrying options out there for drivers. Check them out and see just how much money you can make with little effort on your part.

Inside the Car

Play Octopus

Very few things catch the eyes of riders faster than video games, except maybe the chance to win cash prizes—and Play Octopus has both. You apply to get a free tablet, your customers get their games on, and you can earn up to $100 per month. 

Play Octopus pays you to make their games (and the occasional ads appearing on the tablet screen) available to your passengers. The more you encourage your pax to play, the more Play Octopus pays you. There’s also a referral program that allows you to earn bonus cash by referring other drivers. 


Dubbed the “in-flight entertainment platform for the ridesharing market,” Surf is a tablet-driven backseat delight. It delivers the skinny on local restaurants and bars, as well as music videos, podcasts, and even live radio. Your customers will be fascinated, which means you’ll have happier riders—and hopefully, bigger tips.

Each time a passenger engages with the Surf tablet, you’ll earn a little money. Could be as much as $150 a month if you play it up enough. (Some ads are placed in the content, but we can’t really blame Surf for that.)


Because VUGO was the first to plunge into the rideshare advertising business, these tablets carry a lot of clout. The ads are location-based, so if you’re on the way to the airport, your passenger will see ads for luggage companies and hotels.

They’ll also see entertainment during their ride. And while they’re watching, you can make from $50 to $100 a month just for carrying the VUGO tablet in your car and letting your passengers tap away on it.


We really like this one because its aim is to expose your riders (and you) to new music. Your riders choose the genre, and new songs begin to stream. Rideshare drivers know how much their riders love to play their own music, so you should have no trouble putting this to use.

You get paid by the play, and average earnings hover around $120 per month. Not bad!

On the Outside and On Top


Unless Uber declares, “Do as I say, not as I do,” the company can’t tell you it’s not okay to use your rideshare car as an advertising platform. Uber’s own version, “Uber Ooh” consists of a car roof-mounted display with messages directed at riders, pedestrians, and anyone who sees your car. Adomni will work with Uber to ensure the ads specifically target audiences based on location, demographics, etc.

This collaboration is rolling out in 2020 as a move to make more money for Uber. The company will cut you in for $300 to install the cartop display, and another $100 for each week you drive more than 20 hours with that cute display flashing its pretty pictures. 


With the sleek look of a flat-screen TV, this advertising platform mounts on the roof of your car. You get paid $300 a month for carrying messages around, which sounds awesome—but there are some things you’ll need to look into.

While your rideshare company might have a hard time enforcing what should or shouldn’t be on your car, their policies about side gigs could mean they won’t cover you in an accident if you have the ad platform on your vehicle. This might be different now that Uber has partnered with another company, but before having the Firefly platform put on your car, definitely check to be sure it’s okay.

Also with Firefly, drivers have complained about static on their radios and extra drag, which reduces gas mileage. But … a swift cost-benefit analysis might put more weight on that extra $300 a month than a few more dollars for gas.


Sounds like ads that get wrapped around your vehicle! Wait—these are ads that get wrapped around your vehicle. Don’t worry, though, Wrapify, Inc. has figured out ways to protect the paint.

You don’t have to be a rideshare driver to sport their wraparound ads on your vehicle, but if you are, you’ll do very well. Wrapify pays by the miles you log in your car. It also monitors your location to gauge local foot traffic, adjusting payment according to how many people are likely to lay eyes on your vehicle.

You can earn up to $300 a month with Wrapify. You download the app, the company comes and puts the wrap on your car, and you’re in business. Just don’t drive it into an Uber or Lyft hub while it’s wrapped, since it could violate their policies.


Once again, advertisements get plastered on your car, but with paint-protecting love and care. You’ll drive with the ads by “campaign,” which refers to a burst of activity, usually within a certain time frame.

This gig pays big, from $400 to $1,200 per campaign. You don’t have to be a rideshare driver, but if you are, you’ll easily match the 30 miles per day requirement. Again, lay low around any official rideshare company vetters, but we don’t know of anyone who’s been deactivated for doing this. That’s a nice chunk of change, and could well be worth the (slight) risk.


This ad-wrap company offers you options that allow you to limit how much of your car you’ll devote to ad space. Your choices include covering just the back windshield, partial wrap, or full wrap. Hey, just like tattoos! The company claims to have cleared its wraps with both Uber and Lyft for compliance.

As long as your vehicle is a 2010 model or newer, and you drive 30 or more miles a day, you can benefit from Nickelytics. They’re in eight markets now, and are expanding in 2020. If you’re up for that full wrap option, you can rake in up to $300 per month.


Mobilads calls itself “America’s leading rideshare car-wrap advertiser,” and they pay generously. You can get up to $500 per month for carrying their creative cargo with a full wrap on your car, and $250 for letting them cover your doors.

The company’s clients are some of the gigantic advertisers, so there are plenty of dollars coming their way. There’s one condition for drivers, though: You must be on the road for at least 40 hours per week, so you’ll need to be a pretty big deal driver.

Wrapping It Up and Topping It Off

We said at the beginning of this article that you have more opportunities to make money than you might realize—and now you do realize

We also want you to remember there’s another tool that can help you make more money, and drive to where the biggest crowds will see your flashy ads and play with your video games and rock out to your music players. And that tool is …


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