A ripe new delivery job for gig drivers

Amazon Fresh: a ripe new delivery job for gig drivers


Amazon is in the business of delivering millions of products quickly and safely to customers around the world — Taking on every aspect of retail in the process. It was only a matter of time before they would bring some of that expertise to delivering groceries. Say hello to Amazon Fresh.

Delivery drivers, you now have another platform to consider. Here’s what you need to know:

  • How Amazon Fresh works
  • How it stacks up against its competitors
  • Requirements to register as a driver
  • Plus a few extras (because we like you)

How is Amazon Fresh different from Amazon Flex?

They are not two different services for drivers. Amazon Flex is the company’s umbrella program that pays money to independent drivers for delivering orders to customers. Flex is the umbrella and Fresh deliveries are the raindrops hitting it.

Amazon Fresh deliveries are just one category of orders under Amazon Flex. When you register as a driver on Amazon Flex, you can deliver orders from any category as long as you and your vehicle meet the requirements specified for that category of deliveries.

What is Amazon Fresh and how does it work?

Amazon offers multiple grocery delivery options to its customers through Amazon Fresh, Prime Now, and Whole Foods Market. Each of these services differs from the other in delivery speed, product catalog, and availability.

Amazon Fresh is the company’s most comprehensive grocery delivery service, available in more than 2,000 towns and cities in the US. Both delivery and pickup are free for Amazon Prime members in select regions, provided that the order value meets the local minimum threshold (usually $35, but $50 in some locations).

A quick note, Amazon Fresh is different from the restaurant food delivery service (Amazon Restaurants) that shut down a couple of years ago.

Wondering whether Amazon Fresh delivers alcohol? The answer is yes.

Amazon Fresh orders are delivered both by full-time Amazon delivery partners and independent delivery drivers through Amazon Flex.

Do you have experience as a Flex driver? We’d love to hear about it! Drop us a comment below or share it with our community.

Want to become an Amazon Fresh delivery driver?

There is no separate process to sign up as an Amazon Fresh delivery driver. To deliver any order from Amazon, you need to register as a driver on Amazon Flex. Then, you’ll have the option to make the following kinds of deliveries:

  1. Amazon.com orders – These require collecting packages from an Amazon delivery station and delivering them to customers. Shifts range from 3-6 hours for this class of deliveries.
  2. Prime Now and Amazon Fresh orders – These involve picking up groceries and other items mentioned above from an Amazon delivery station or select outlets and delivering them to customers. These delivery blocks range from 2-4 hours.
  3. Local store orders – These include picking up orders from local stores and delivering them directly to customers. Shifts range from 2-4 hours for these deliveries.
  4. Instant offers – Available only in select regions, these deliveries start near your current location and take around 15-45 minutes to complete.

Think you’ve found your lucky number? To sign up for Amazon Flex, go to their website and click Let’s Drive. But remember, Amazon Flex is not widely available, limited to only around 50 cities in the US.

Also, to register as a delivery driver on Amazon Flex, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 21 years or older
  • You must have a driver’s license and a Social Security Number
  • You must have a mid-size or large 4-door vehicle such as an SUV, van, or a truck with a covered bed for delivering Amazon.com orders. However, you can use any car for Prime Now and Amazon Fresh orders. Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles of any kind don’t qualify for Amazon Flex.
  • You must have a supported iPhone or Android smartphone
  • You must have a valid auto insurance (Tip: Find your best rate with Gabi)

Once you clear the background checks and successfully register as a driver on Amazon Flex, you can start doing Amazon Fresh deliveries like you would with any other delivery app:

  • Log into the Amazon Flex app and schedule your block(s) for Amazon Fresh deliveries. Blocks are basically shifts that you agree to work on a specific day. These range anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the category of deliveries. For Prime Now and Amazon Fresh orders, the typical block duration ranges from 2-4 hours.
  • Before you’re block, drive to your Amazon pickup location and collect orders assigned to you.
  • Navigate to the delivery locations using the Amazon Flex app and follow Amazon’s delivery instructions to complete in-garage, attended, or unattended deliveries.
  • Get paid! Every Tuesday and Friday a direct deposit is issued into your bank account. Since Amazon Fresh deliveries are eligible for tips, your payment includes 100% of the tips you receive from customers.

Considering alternatives to Amazon Fresh 

As a driver, you have a lot to consider when it comes to the companies you choose to work for. Knowing what will work for you isn’t always easy. 

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How is delivering Amazon Fresh orders different from food delivery?

There are two primary differences: delivery speed and products delivered. Food delivery includes, well, food ordered from nearby restaurants. Amazon Fresh, meanwhile, delivers groceries, personal care, electronics, household, and other items from its warehouses.

Food orders are delivered on-demand as quickly as possible (typically in less than an hour), whereas Amazon Fresh orders are generally next day or later.

These differences have a significant impact on your earnings as a delivery driver. Because Amazon Fresh orders are scheduled, you know how much you are going to get paid during your shift in advance.

Both the base pay and tips are generally higher for Amazon Fresh deliveries since the order value tends to be much higher.


  • High earning potential
  • Ability to schedule shifts for guaranteed deliveries (no time wasted waiting on orders)


  • Only available in certain cities
  • Must have a suitable vehicle  

How much do Amazon Fresh drivers make?

Amazon says most drivers on Flex earn between $18-25 per hour. That should be a good estimate for Amazon Fresh deliveries as well. However, your actual take-home earnings depend on your location, vehicle type, length of your shifts, number of deliveries, and customer tips. 

To know how much Amazon Flex drivers actually make, you can read our in-depth analysis based on the real earnings of thousands of drivers who use Gridwise.

But wait… there’s more!

Amazon Flex drivers can improve their earnings through the Amazon Flex Rewards program. Drivers can get cashback on fuel purchases, Amazon.com orders, and more by using the Amazon Flex debit card.

Flex drivers can also score discounts on gas, car maintenance, etc. through special offers in the Amazon Flex app. On top of all this, earn points by making deliveries, which allows them to level up and unlock more rewards like higher cashback rates and preferred scheduling.  

Drivers can also up their earnings when they download the Gridwise app for access to driver perks, insights, and more! What are you waiting for? 


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