2022 Black Friday Deals For Rideshare And Delivery Drivers


It’s almost Turkey Day, and you know what that means! Customers seem to get a little too much into the “turkey” spirit. They  want you to drive faster and deliver more. That’s enough stress right there, but add all the traffic at the airports, train, and bus stations, plus the overcrowded city streets full of crazy Black Friday shoppers, and your job as a driver becomes a nightmare. 

All that pressure is enough to make you look in your side mirror and ask, “In the face of all this madness, who’s got something cool and festive for me?

Well, Gridwise does! We’ve gathered together enough toys and tools for rideshare and delivery drivers for you to feast on for the whole week. And, just because the world is so grateful for drivers like you, these toys and tools can be had cheaply, with sweet deals and discounts for Gridwise users. We know you’ll be impressed with our delicious list of 2022 Black Friday deals. Take a look, see for yourself, and click away to get linked up with a big bunch of great stuff.

Reduce rideshare and delivery driver expenses and cover yourself

It’s the time of year when more motoring mishaps happen, people get sick, and you might need a little help holding your mental health together. Insurance that covers sick time, extra money to cover you while your car’s being fixed, and telehealth advice when your body breaks down can be hard to come by, and mighty pricey. “Normal” insurance policies aren’t designed for rideshare and delivery drivers.

Gridwise Dollar Benefits from Avibra is, though! Get coverage for you, your family, and  your car, all at unbelievably reasonable prices. And now, Avibra’s Black Friday Deal is here to blow your socks off with 50% off Avibra Benefits for new Avibra users making their first quarterly or yearly payments. This is a Black Friday deal after all, so the offer is good only from November 25-December 1, 2022. Download Gridwise to shop affordable insurance designed for drivers.

1099 workers can also get 50% off tax resources and services through Keeper Tax. Tax season may be a ways away, but you can sign up now to get a discounted plan and use the service when you start tax prep. This offer is available exclusively for Gridwise users, so if you want to save big on tax help, download the Gridwise app here

Tools for rideshare and delivery drivers

  1. Black Friday phone deals 2022 from Visible/Gridwise Connect

Beyond your vehicle, the most important tool you operate as a rideshare or delivery driver is your phone. That’s why we want to make sure you get the best phone and the hottest deals around. So…we bring you Gridwise Connect, in partnership with Visible

With phone plans through Verizon, you know you’re getting solid phone service. But with our Black Friday phone deals for 2022, you’ll get the latest and greatest phones at a steal, plus gift cards and gift certificates as part of the offer.

Here’s the deal:

Get a gift card for up to $250 when you purchase a device. You’ll get $100 off the prices of these phones, and you can use your Gift Card as part of your payment, as well!!

Every week, there will be Flash Sales on the hottest phones on the market:

November 30-December 6: Apple Flash Sale

December 14-20: Google Flash Sale

December 21-27: Moto Flash Sale

December 28-January 2023: Flash Sale on the most popular of these brands

Download Gridwise to get these offers – if you’re already a Gridwise user, click here to shop phone deals through Gridwise Connect.

  1. Cool tool: FIXD sensor for car diagnostics

OK. We didn’t forget that your car is even more important than your phone. FIXD, an amazing sensor device that tells you what’s going on with your car, will drastically reduce rideshare and delivery driver expenses. Now, you can get accurate engine information before you take your precious vehicle to be assessed by a mechanic.

Avoid diagnostics costs, get access to a mechanics hotline, free estimates, an emissions compliance precheck, and more. This Gridwise blog post will give you all the details.

When it’s not Black Friday, you would pay $59.99 for FIXD, but now, this Black Friday deal through Gridwise will put FIXD in your hot little hands for just $9.99! Click here to get started with FIXD!

  1. Passenger goodie kits

It’s good practice to have water and snacks in your car for passengers. This old trick has boosted many drivers tips. Now, you can get a pre-assembled box through Carmacy with goodies (mints, energy drinks, ibuprofen, and other basics) that you store in your back seat for riders. Passengers pay you $5/item. 

Instead of paying full price, Carmacy is offering drivers 15% off when you use the code gridwise15 at checkout.

  1. Phone extras

One of the best Black Friday deals we saw comes from Rhinoshield. A driver’s phone goes through a lot, so it always makes sense to have high quality protection. Dress up that slick new phone you get from Visible and Gridwise Connect with cases, screen shields and phone holders that keep it safe. Get up to 60% off with Rhinoshield’s Black Friday deals.

Also—we surely hope you’re not fumbling with your phone on your lap while you do your rideshare and delivery driving. If you are, you need a mount! One of the finest lines out there comes from iOttie. You can click here to get 15% off your first order, and with this coupon we scouted out for you, there are even bigger Black Friday savings!

You don’t want customers invading your space on your onboard wireless charger, right? Keep them juiced up with extra long chargers, or use one if you don’t have a wireless way to keep your battery full This mash-up from Mashable.com lists out some hot black Friday deals on chargers of all kinds.

The best dash cam Black Friday deals 2022

A top-rated dash cam is a must for drivers, especially during the overcrowded, insanely busy holiday season. We scanned everything that said “Dash cam Black Friday deals 2022”, and got very picky when it came down to presenting you with the very best dash cam available—and one amazing deal. 

Nexar dash cams record action on the road around you & what’s going on in your passenger cabin so no Thanksgiving week “turkeys” will get away without getting caught. Video is recorded directly to your phone, and stored for free on Nexar’s cloud.

Nexar’s Black Friday deal gives you the lowest prices of the year, guaranteed! Prices start at a low $94.95. Choose between $100 off the Nexar One, or Buy the Nexar One, and get the Nexar Beam for FREE!

Click here to equip your ride with this outstanding dash cam at a mind-bogglingly low price!

Save cash at the car wash and get deals on tires, Black Friday style!

Rynse the expense of car care away!

Clean vehicles are a must for rideshare and delivery driving, and at this snowy, sleety time of year you need to hit the local car wash even more frequently. If you live in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region, you are so lucky.  Rynse has a Black Friday offer you can’t refuse! 

Join the unlimited car wash club and get access to an entire network of convenient, top notch car wash locations for one low monthly price! The Black Friday deal from Rynse gives first time customers 50% off 3 months when you use the promo code blackfriday.

Not in Philly/Jersey? Save on car washes with Autobell

If you’re driving in the Charlotte/Raleigh/Charleston/Virginia Beach areas, you can save on car washes with Autobell.

Holiday Sale: buy 1 Super Polyprocess Wash eTicket, get 1  Super Polyprocess Wash eTicket 40% Off (ends 12/26). 

Cyber Monday Deal: buy 3 $25 eGift cards, get 1 $25 eGift card free! You can use these to get car washes for friends/family, whether they drive for gig services or not! (11/28 only)

Stick to the basics with SimpleTire

Could your tires use some holiday cheer, or maybe they just need to be replaced? There’s no reason to break the bank on a new set of treads. SimpleTire is offering drivers up to 60% off on tires – now’s the time to switch to your winter tires as the cold weather sets in! 

Gridwise constantly scouts out the best deals on everything a gig driver could need, and the offers are always changing. Interested in saving money and learning about new work opportunities? 

Download Gridwise now!


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