4 Ways For Gig Drivers To Reduce Auto Costs


Prices on everything are soaring, and auto maintenance is no exception. Running a gig driving business demands that you find out how to reduce maintenance costs and maximize profits—so you have to do all you can to stop maintenance costs from taking a huge bite out of your earnings. 

That’s why we want you to have these 4 ways to reduce your gig driver car maintenance costs. 

They include

  1. Know before you go; feel the power of FIXD
  2. Get the best discounts for gig drivers
  3. Forget about wear and tear—rent!
  4. Track depreciation to make every mile count

1. Know before you go; feel the power of FIXD

If you’ve struggled with the crippling costs of car maintenance and haven’t found a mechanic you can fully trust, FIXD is here to bring you rideshare and delivery driver help. The people behind FIXD realize that drivers need to know what care their cars require, rather than leaving it to rogue mechanics to diagnose and fix things that aren’t broken to begin with.

The mission of FIXD, according to its founders, is “to democratize car care by giving every driver access to the transparent and easy-to-understand information they need to confidently fix and maintain their vehicle – without breaking the bank.”Because car care should be stress-free!

FIXD is a comprehensive support system for you and your vehicle. In addition to a free, encyclopedia-like volume of information and resources about car maintenance, FIXD offers a low-cost sensor that communicates directly with your car’s computer to find out what needs to be addressed. Utilizing Bluetooth, the FIXD app on your phone then takes this information and produces descriptions of the diagnostic device’s findings that you can easily understand.

Every driver needs FIXD, if just to run the end-around on greedy mechanics. What you might not realize, though, is how much more FIXD has to offer. The FIXD team has their own upstanding mechanics on call 24/7 to answer your questions, and a built-in system that alerts you when your car needs regular maintenance. 

Now you won’t have to keep checking on, or be asked to believe, overeager dealers and repair shop owners when they insist you need a $90 oil change 2,500 miles before it’s really called for.

The caring, customer-service focused team at FIXD is dedicated to empowering drivers with knowledge and high-quality care. You can buy the FIXD sensor at low cost or subscribe to FIXD for a low monthly fee, and receive the sensor free, as part of the deal. 

Subscribers also receive 

  • access to the mechanic hotline
  • confirmed description of the fix and estimated cost
  • a forecast of future problems related to the issue
  • an incident history report
  • an emissions compliance precheck

The FIXD car repair sensor is saving drivers $1,000s every day! Click here to find out more about how you can get FIXD for your vehicle, and empower yourself right away.

2. Get the best discounts for gig drivers

Now that you’ve got the key to saving yourself from merciless mechanics, you need to find more deals and discounts that will cut your car maintenance costs. Gridwise provides options that help you save: 

  • Gridwise + CarAdvise gives you access to discounts to thousands of auto shops all over the country. Compare prices, consult with experts, and schedule online. As a Gridwise user, you’ll get 10–40% off retail prices.
  • Gridwise + ForeverCar lets you save up to 44% on a Vehicle Service Plan. When an unexpected car breakdown happens, this policy will keep you and your wallet covered. 
  • Gridwise Tires helps you deal with the sad fact of life, namely, your tires will wear out. When you have to purchase a new set, Gridwise Tires gives you a $10 discount per tire, which makes the pain in your pocketbook a little less.
  • Gridwise Gas offers discounts for the most important thing you need to buy if you want to maintain your car: fuel! Download the app for discounts offered to free users. Join Gridwise Plus to save up to $50 per month, and get even deeper discounts on other Gridwise Benefits.

3. Forget about wear and tear—rent!

If all this talk about maintenance costs and the thought of the wear and tear you put on your vehicle as a gig driver is giving you pause, rest easy. With Gridwise Rental, you can put your depreciation concerns aside for good! While it’s true that most rental car companies have draconic restrictions when it comes to renting for rideshare or delivery driving, things are much different with Gridwise Rental.

When you sign up for Gridwise Rental, you can search for available cars in your area, apply to drive, then pick up the keys and go! Even better, delivery and rideshare insurance are included in the rental cost.

Where do the cars come from? The Gridwise partnership with HyreCar makes it possible. Drivers like you who want to make money with their cars even when they aren’t driving rent them out! That means, if you’re not so concerned about wear and tear on your vehicle, you can rent it out and put it to work for you. Find out more about both ways to take advantage of Gridwise Rental, and sign up here!

4. Track depreciation to make every mile count

Depreciation is a fact of life for every vehicle owner, but gig drivers have a more pressing need to pay extra attention to it and find ways to track it. Some of the best Lyft driver advice or Uber driver advice you’ll ever get will show you how to deduct miles as a rideshare/delivery driver, so you can recoup the unavoidable costs of depreciation. 

Gridwise features a free mileage tracker, plus a way to record expenses, so you can account for every mile you put onto and every penny you put into your vehicle. Mileage deduction for gig drivers is a huge deal these days, considering how much you have to cough up just to cover fuel costs. Gridwise does this for you seamlessly. All you need to do is log in each time you start a shift.

And once you get hooked up with FIXD and find yourself the best deals on car maintenance through Gridwise, you can record shop expenses and keep track of all the repairs and maintenance your vehicle has on record. FIXD and Gridwise are a winning combination. Scoop up this opportunity to put them to work for you! Download Gridwise and…

 Save more with FIXD now!


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