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When it comes to gig driving, there’s no such thing as “TMI.” You need all the information you can gather. How much did you make last week? How much did other drivers make yesterday? What happened to your earnings when you tried that new driving strategy? Did they soar, plummet, or stay the same? How did what you make as an Uber driver compare to the earnings of other drivers who were on DoorDash?

This kind of info is crucial because it helps gig drivers make the most money in the least possible number of hours. Why waste your time with the wrong driving strategy or delivering food when there’s so much more to be made with rideshare? Why spin your wheels (literally) with rideshare on a Tuesday evening, when the data show package delivery will give you more cash flow?

In this blog post, we’re going to present a new feature from Gridwise that will respond to all your questions without your having to do the calculating. Here’s what we’ve got for you:

Uber trends, DoorDash trends, and more: what you need to know

Gig driving markets are in constant flux. One week night, Uber will offer surges like crazy; then the next, they’ll dry up and DoorDash will pick up the slack. It’s easy enough to find out how much you, as an individual, are earning. All you need to do is look at the total earnings on all your apps, and you can keep track. In some apps, you can compare your earnings over time.

Keeping track of all that data with just your driving apps can become a logistical nightmare. There are too many clicks to get to where you can view past earnings, and then you have to get out your calculator to do your own tabulations. Who has time for that?

If you use Gridwise, things are much easier. Set up Gridwise to track your earnings each time you go out on a shift, and Gridwise adds everything up for you. This makes that part easy, but there’s more.

How much you make each week is the kind of info you need to know, but it’s even more important to find out whether you’re making as much as you can make in your market. The way to do that is to find out how your earnings compare to the rest of the drivers out there, and if you’re pulling in as much or more than they are. How is this possible?

It’s not easy to get this information on your own. Gig driving can be a very solitary job. There just aren’t a lot of people who will honestly compare notes with you. Sure, you can believe the banter at the convenience store next to the airport waiting lot, but that’s not advisable. Drivers that brag online with screenshots of their highest earnings ever aren’t the best source for accurate information, either. Besides, they may not even work in the same market as you.

If you want to know how to earn more money as a rideshare driver or how to earn more money as a delivery driver, you have to develop efficient and profitable driving strategies. One way you can do this is to keep abreast of the latest features from apps you can trust, and use them.

If you want to know what other drivers are earning, and if you’re earning as much or more than they do, turn to Gridwise. You already know that the Gridwise app can seamlessly track your earnings and present them to you in ways that are easy to understand. With the latest feature on the Gridwise app, you can look at your earnings and compare them with driving trends based on actual data from other drivers in your area!

My Trends: personal and local earning trends in a snap

With My Trends from Gridwise, you can view the top earning trends every week. Just tap your Insights tab, and see which services are generating the most income for drivers. What’s more, you’ll view your own performance versus the average earnings of other drivers on your gig driving services and in your market. Your easy-to-decipher comparison graph might look like this:

The bars on the chart show the individual driver’s earnings, and the black curved line shows how well the average driver in that area has been doing. My Trends lets you compare earnings per hour, earnings per ride, and earnings per trip across all the apps you drive or deliver with. See the big picture without wading through pages of past earning data, and get this instant comparison. My Trends is yet another way Gridwise helps drivers make more money.

My Trends can be found on the Insights tab of the Gridwise app, and will also allow drivers to see trends in stats like earnings per hour, per mile, and per trip. Whatever your driving strategy is, stay informed and drive smart!

Already a Gridwise user? Explore My Trends in the Gridwise app now!

More information = better driving decisions

It’s hard to make smart driving decisions when you don’t have a good picture of what’s impacting your earnings over time and what’s going on in your market.

Gridwise strives to give drivers everything they need to make their gig driving experience profitable and convenient. The more information you have, the more you are likely to earn. That’s why Gridwise gives you

  • airport information. Know how many departures and arrivals are expected and how long the queues are for both Uber and Lyft before you drive all the way to the airport.
  • event times. Whether you want to avoid traffic or be in the right place to pick up people at concerts, games, and other places that draw large crowds, getting those start and estimated let out times is a big help.
  • weather and traffic alerts. Drivers need to know if there’s going to be weather that could affect their business and how to avoid traffic issues that make it harder to do the job.
  • mileage, expenses, and earnings tracking. Mileage and other tax deductible expenses do you no good unless you track them with the best mileage tracker for Uber and DoorDash—Gridwise!
  • discounts. Gridwise Gas gives you the help needed to avoid pain at the pump, which you need now more than ever! There are tons of other discounts designed to help drivers keep even more expenses down and boost earnings up!
  • deals. Check out Gridwise Benefits to find out how to save on insurance, and take advantage of Gridwise group plans that give you access to medical and mental health care at reasonable rates. Saving on these items brings you more take-home pay.
  • insightful features. Where to Drive and When to Drive tell drivers where the money can be made, and now, with My Trends you can compare your earnings with what other drivers are pulling in to make sure you’re making top dollar.

With all of this in one convenient app, it’ll be easier than ever for you to drive smarter, not harder.

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