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“Make more money” is often at the top many rideshare driver’s wish list. It’s easy to earn just enough cash to get by, but if you want to achieve maximum driver earnings, you need a game plan. It’s just as crucial to know how to conserve your earnings and protect yourself from catastrophic losses as to devise strategies that lead to better driver ratings and tips.

Gridwise created this guide so you can easily pick out the topics that call to you. Then, all you need to do is click through to our articles packed with information and insight that can help you make more money.

Insurance for gig drivers

You might wonder why we’d kick off a guide about making money with a topic that usually results in you doing the opposite. Insurance can be a big ticket item, but you’ll be stuck with bills you’ll never pay in a thousand years if you’re caught without coverage. We’d say that makes insurance pretty important.

Better Lyft driver ratings, bigger Uber driver tips, and bonuses for delivery drivers.

Here’s where things get slick and profitable! Possible add-ons to your basic Uber Eats driver pay or Amazon Flex driver pay may not be all that obvious. Once you start digging, you’ll find there are more ways to augment your earnings than you thought. From being the best driver possible to cash in on bonuses, perks, and referrals, you need to know a fair amount.

Lyft and Uber driver strategy, plus best delivery trips

  • Nothing beats data collected from real drivers when it comes to finding the best places and times to drive. And yes, it’s possible to find out where exactly, and when, drivers make the most money in your area. Gridwise shows you where the cash is lurking, with aptly named features Where to Drive and When to Drive.

Delivery, Lyft, and Uber driver advice: Make the most of your app

You use your gig driving app every day, but do you take advantage of all its features? If you play your cards right, you can up the ante and redefine answers to questions like “How much does Uber Eats pay per delivery?” and “How much do Lyft drivers make a week?” The trick is to know every possible way you can generate multiple income streams and keep money flowing your way.

Multi-apping: Double (or triple) your chances for maximum earnings as a gig driver

Ever wonder what might happen if you were to use more than one app on a given shift? Let’s say you’re in a neighborhood where Uber Eats is slow, but Lyft driving is hot. Can you switch between apps? As long as you color within the lines, so to speak, you sure can! If you don’t violate any of the rules, or do things that lower your ratings by creating confusion or delays, working more than one app is a strategy that can definitely work in your favor.

  • If you really want to get into multi-apping, you have to think it through and work out the kinks in the system by trial and error. In all cases, you need to know what each app can do and have an idea when and where they’re going to pay off, and what rules you need to follow. Read more about the art of multi-apping and how it adds to earnings.

Cut costs and earn more in your business

Saving on expenses is a sure way to boost the total amount of your earnings. There are plenty of costs you incur as a part of doing business, but they don’t have to take huge chunks out of your pay. Get savvy about saving money, and watch your incoming cash flow rush in.

  • A big cost of doing business is your fuel bill. There are many ways to avoid wasting a bunch of money on gas. It’s good for the environment, as well as for you, to keep your fuel consumption down and your costs as low as possible. Here are 13 ways you can save on gas.

More ways to save money as a rideshare or delivery driver

When you’re an independent contractor, no one is going to pay you when you’re not working. You have to create your own funds for the things you’d expect to get from a lot of other jobs. How do you arrange for paid sick time, retirement savings, or vacations? We know you’re disciplined and smart enough to do these things right, but here’s some extra help.

  • Insurance is a big cost, but saving on it is easy, especially when you learn to avoid the mistakes gig drivers make with insurance. Once you discover exactly what you need and how to get it most economically, you’ll stop losing money by paying too much or taking risks that could leave you penniless.
  • One way to gather up the funds to start a savings account is to stop wasting money on gas. Sure, prices are high, but there’s no need to lose your shirt every time you visit the pump. Here are some tips for saving on gas.

Vehicle-related advice for rideshare and delivery drivers

Without your vehicle, your job would be impossible. That’s why you have to pay special attention to getting the right ride for your gig, and then take care of it the same way you expect it to take care of you. Here are some suggestions for keeping you and your car rolling, so you can continue watching your earnings pile up.

Tax tips for gig drivers

One of the most important and annoying, things drivers need to do is take care of their taxes. It can be challenging to do this on your own, but it gets easier when you use tax tips that apply specifically to gig drivers. From knowing what is deductible and tracking it, to finding the right kind of tax specialist to help you, there are a lot of territories to cover. 

Gridwise features that help you save money and earn more

No guide to maximum driver earnings would be complete without listing the many features Gridwise has to offer. The app is designed to help you gain control of your business, optimize your time on the road, and benefit from deals and discounts geared toward drivers. Here’s a list of features and links to articles that describe the many reasons why every smart gig driver needs the Gridwise app.

  • Earnings tracking: Sync your driving apps to Gridwise and track your earnings, compare results, and keep records of your income.
  • Mileage tracking: Use the best Uber and Lyft mileage tracker there is. Gridwise gives you the exact figures for all the apps you use.
  • Driving strategy: Gridwise’s features Where to Drive and When to Drive point you to the places and times you can make the most money with the least effort.
  • Gridwise benefits: Insurance, affordable health care, and discounts on car maintenance, phones, phone plans, banking, legal help, and more come as part of being a member of the Gridwise community.
  • Driver information: Part of achieving maximum driver earnings is knowing what’s going on around you. Gridwise lists area events and airport activity, and alerts you to traffic issues, weather, and start and end times of games and concerts.

If you want to achieve maximum driver earnings, you can’t afford to run your driving gig without this amazing app!

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