Using the Gridwise Driver Taskbar to Your Advantage

Using the Gridwise Driver Taskbar to Your Advantage


According to, a 2015 survey conducted by Research Now found that 49 percent of US residents with smartphones use between six and ten different apps each week. While the survey didn’t share which specific apps were most popular among smartphone users, a more recent statistic from March 2017 revealed that some of the most popular app categories are games, business, lifestyle, utilities, and travel.

At Gridwise, we understand that while using multiple resourceful apps as a rideshare driver is necessary, it can also be a pain in the you know what. Switching between different apps, such as Uber, Lyft, and navigation apps, can lead to a lot of wasted time. And as a rideshare driver you know that wasted time can mean missed opportunities to earn money. Which is why Gridwise created the Driver Taskbar feature. This feature improves your efficiency, minimizes distractions, and increases profitability. So how do you start using Gridwise Driver Taskbar to your advantage?

The Driver Taskbar will improve your efficiency

As app-based ride sharing becomes the norm in the ride hailing economy, making a career out of driving for a rideshare service can be a great source of income. If you do it right, that is.

Most successful rideshare drivers know that driving for more than one service provider can help to maximize profits. However, time can be wasted trying to bounce between all the different apps for rideshare services as well as the apps for navigation.

That’s where the Gridwise Driver Taskbar feature is extremely beneficial. This feature allows you to experience the convenience of using just one app while still working for the various rideshare service providers. With a simple tap of a finger you can bounce back and forth between different driver tools like navigation, driver services, and the rideshare apps themselves.

Cutting the time typically wasted bouncing between different services improves your efficiency by bundling individual apps into just the one.

The Driver Taskbar will help to minimize distractions

Let’s face it, the platforms for rideshare services are not designed with drivers in mind. Distractions come in many forms: communicating with potential riders while simultaneously checking navigation to see which turn to make next, then switching apps to search for your next rider is just one of the many multitasking scenarios that drivers face everyday.

When you download the Gridwise app, you’ll instantly see that the Driver Taskbar feature helps to minimize distractions. Instead of bouncing back and forth between apps while attempting to follow the navigation to your next pickup, a single tap on the Driver Taskbar takes you to what you need at the moment.

By minimizing distractions, your riders will be happy to see that safety is your top priority. Happy passengers means higher driver ratings which ultimately increases your likelihood of getting new passengers in the future. When you don’t have anyone in the car, however, fewer distractions means more focused time to find potential riders, thus helping you to make more money!

The Driver Taskbar will help you to be more profitable

In order to be more profitable as a rideshare driver, you need to have a strategy in place. Daily driving strategies vary based on location and time of day, but staying organized, efficient, and on track is an essential ongoing strategy for any profitable business.

Real-time Alerts, Events and Endtime Updates, and Airport Demand Data features will help you craft your specific day-to-day strategy. It’s the Gridwise Driver Taskbar feature that will help you to perfect your overall strategy, however.

For example, let’s say you already drive for Uber but want to also start driving for Lyft so you can increase your earnings. The Driver Taskbar enables you to use both of these rideshare services in one app. Therefore, as you expand your reach by working for multiple rideshare services, the Gridwise Driver Taskbar can keep all of your important information organized in one place. Simplicity combined with efficiency helps you to be more profitable!

Download the Gridwise app to start using the Gridwise Driver Taskbar feature to your advantage today!


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