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The rise of Via: Why rideshare drivers are making the switch to the new company on the block

Recently, I had a phone conversation with a D.C. driver in the hopes of better understanding how he’s driving in D.C., and something he said really stuck with me. You see, Josh is a veteran driver, so he’s had his fair share of issues where he’s had to contact his rideshare company. We’re talking passengers […]

How This Full-Time Student and Soon to be Dad Became a Highly Profitable Rideshare Driver in Days. Not Months.

Everyone starts driving for their own unique reasons. Some people want to escape their mundane corporate jobs and try something new for awhile. Many people are starting their own businesses or following their passion and need extra side income. Some even just want an opportunity to talk to and meet new people. Everyone has their […]

How this driver went from earning $0 to $1000 per week driving for Uber in 4 months

Mike is family man. So when his daughter started having anxiety as she transitioned into Middle School, he needed to be around more. And that meant his job in retail wasn’t working anymore. “I would get a lot of flak from my bosses if something was going down and I had to be there,” he […]

[Update!] Peak Rideshare Driving Times in DC

I found out the hard way that the time of day that you’re driving for rideshare services like Uber and Lyft can be the difference between making $30 per hour, and heading home having made $40 from a 5-hour shift. I want to make sure that none of my fellow DC rideshare drivers go through […]

4 Ways DC Rideshare Drivers Can Increase Their Earnings

Did you know that Washington DC was named the best city in the country for rideshare drivers? An article from The Washington Post describes a study which examined factors like the number of rich young people in a city and the population’s reliance on public transit to determine the places most ripe for rideshare drivers, […]

The Pros and Cons of Rideshare Carpooling in Washington DC

Ridesharing started off with the concept of actually driving shared vehicles. The initial idea was that you, the owner of a vehicle in good standing, could essentially lend your vehicle out through a transportation network company (TNC) and have its use shared through the TNC’s services. Companies like Uber and Sidecar pioneered the accessibility of […]