How To Be A Rideshare Driver: A Gridwise Driver Guide


Rideshare was one of the first gig-driving jobs to go mainstream, starting with Uber in 2010, followed by Lyft in 2012. Drivers quickly found it to be a great part-time job, and others have turned it into a full-time gig. As of the beginning of 2022, drivers across the US averaged $22.67 per hour. In select cities, drivers made more than $30.00 an hour. Driver earnings for Uber and Lyft are close, and which company pays the most goes back and forth. 

The secret to being a successful rideshare driver with one of these companies is developing a strategy of where and when to drive. Read on as Gridwise examines the rideshare business, looks closer at Uber and Lyft, and also tells you about some of the other options for rideshare drivers. We link to many recent articles on the Gridwise blog, all of them packed with information about how you can be a better rideshare driver. 

Uber vs. Lyft: a rideshare company comparison

The first question for anyone contemplating a gig job as a rideshare driver is which company they should choose. Since the pay is so comparable, for most people it comes down to personal preference. Others report they have a friend who drives for one of the rideshare companies and they decided to go with the same company so they have someone to answer questions about the app and business. Here is a closer look at Uber and Lyft, as well as some of the alternatives. 

Rideshare driver earnings and insights

To help in your decision, we take a closer look at Uber and Lyft drivers and the most recent figures on how much they make, as reported through the Gridwise app. We also examine the top cities to drive in and how drivers earn extra money through tips. 

Lyft and Uber driver advice: How to earn more as a rideshare driver

There are strategies and tactics to boost your earnings as a rideshare driver. Check out these articles. 

Insurance for rideshare drivers

New drivers hear that Lyft and Uber carry $1 million insurance policies and think they don’t have to worry. They didn’t read the fine print, though. 

Vehicle advice for rideshare drivers

As a rideshare driver, your car is one of your most critical tools. Take care of it, and know about important options for having the best car for ridesharing. 

How to be safe as a rideshare driver

Every driver has stories about the things that have happened to them while ridesharing. Some are hilarious, others are scary. Despite the coverage in the media, if you look at the numbers, you’ll find violence against rideshare drivers is very rare. Nevertheless, you should be prepared. 

Other advice for rideshare drivers

There are other valuable pieces of advice you can find on the Gridwise blog that don’t fit into any of the topics we’ve just covered. You should, however, be aware of them.   

Use tools to maximize your Uber/Lyft pay

As a new rideshare driver, or even if you’re a veteran, one of the best things you can do is stay organized and informed. Use a mileage and earning tracker to manage your income – like the free Gridwise mileage and earning trackers!

Drivers are staying informed on peak times and locations in their area with Where to Drive and When to Drive, as well as the best airport arrival and departure times. 

Gas is eating into your income? Check out the Gridwise Gas program to save up to $50/month on gas!

And have fun out there. 

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